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All good missionaries know the power of social engagement.
Whether you are called to Spain, Italy, Iceland or Portland Oregon, we now live in a pure mission field, and people won't move spiritually until they are connected socially.  In other words, the Gospel will not be heard until our front doors open, our tables are set, and we practice the art of hospitality, celebration, and party.

Why has this ancient art of party been lost?
Because the church has defined holiness as 'exclusion' from the world, abstinence from food and drink, and separation from real people.  In Jesus, we get to be holy as He was holy.  Our inward commitments to Him remain in tact while at the same time we are deeply entrenched in the life and customs of those around us.

Party is sacrament and we must relearn and re-orient our lives around friends, food, and celebration if we are going to have any influence upon the culture right next door.

In Happy Hour Hugh will unpack the theology of party as well as give you practical etiquette and ideas for making merriment a way of life and a way of mission.

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If we’re honest, no one really cares about theology unless it reveals a gut-level view of God’s presence. According to pastor and ministry leader Hugh Halter, only the incarnational power of Jesus satisfies what we truly crave, and once we taste it, we’re never the same.

God understands how hard it is to be human, and the incarnation—God with us—enables us to be fully alive. With refreshing, raw candor, Flesh reveals the faith we all long to experience—one based on the power of Christ in the daily grind of work, home, school, and life. For anyone burned out, disenchanted, or seeking a fresh honest-to-God encounter, Flesh will invigorate your faith.
The Church in the West is under incredible change.  Every denomination is in decline and church attendance continues to struggle.  In line, everything that hangs on the present consumeristic approach to Christendom will and must morph. 

The Gospel came to us through fully paid, barely paid, and mostly non-paid saints. The future of Kingdom life and ministry depends on God’s people to find creative pathways for leveraging all of life into one calling. BiVO is a story and a framework to help you find this leverage point whether you are a marketplace leader or ministry leader.
Most parents have huge hopes for their children. Peace, safety, ample provision, happiness and the American Dream. But God has a bigger dream for your family that should make you rethink everything. People are leaving the church in droves.Three out four children will also choose to opt out of Americanized Christian religion. Why? It doesn’t capture the heart, stretch the mind, or call for any substance.

Fortunately, God’s story is big enough and the “Family” remains His best way to inspire, include and disciple the missional life in our children. A Righteous Brood is a prophetic call, but also a practical guide to making the home the front line of mission.
It is safe to say most Christians do not live like Jesus did, have the same influence on people he had, or draw even the slightest curiosity from the on-looking world. Jesus's ability to woo people to him and win their hearts was directly related to how he challenged their assumptions about religion. He not only gave them a unique, personal way to follow him but also showed them how to participate with him in his mission.

Sacrilege helps readers rethink what it really means to become like Jesus. It exposes the patterns of thinking that have held the church hostage for years and inspires readers to rethink the way they understand Scripture, family, spiritual formation, conversion, church, sin, and more.
Written for those who are trying to nurture authentic faith communities and for those who have struggled to retain their faith, The Tangible Kingdom offers theological answers and real-life stories that demonstrate how the best ancient church practices can re-emerge in today's culture, through any church of any size.

In this remarkable book, Hugh Halter and Matt Smay "two missional leaders and church planters" outline an innovative model for creating thriving grass-roots faith communities.
The Primer is about building life-long habits, with two primary purposes: first as a formation tool to prepare your heart for mission, and second as a field guide for starting mission together. So whether you're a pastor hoping to reinvigorate your church, a planter needing to get your people on the same page, a small group leader wanting to push your friends into mission, or a regular guy (or gal) looking to start something new... get started with this eight-week guide to Incarnational community.

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This is not another book about how to do church better or how to just get people back into the pews. AND helps you---whether you are a mega-church, traditional, contemporary, or organic church leader---focus on the vast majority of unchurched Christians and non-believers who are not moving toward any form of church. You will learn how to value existing church forms---attracting people to a physical church and releasing people into hands-on ministry ... bringing together the very best of the attractional and missional models for church ministry. AND will equip you and all church leaders to value existing church forms while catalyzing a missional movement of incarnational people into the world for Jesus Christ.