Hugh Halter
Flesh is DOABLE!
by Hugh Halter on February 12th, 2014

In FLESH we talk about how natural it is to have a conversation about Jesus when
you live incarnationally as a lifestyle. Last night, I got the opportunity to share the grand story of Jesus with a pub full of new friends, many of whom had not heard 
the story ever or who had quit on the story of the church. We drank beer, had some 
food, and for two Mondays in a row, for 3 hours, they listened and seemed to love 
hearing about Jesus and His kingdom. Crazy supernatural connections happened, a 
few tears were shared (by men) and Good News was spoken of and experienced! 

But this pub didn’t fill up because I was incarnational. It filled up because a guy 
named Jake and his wife Elizabeth have taken their neighborhood, their schools, 
their kid’s sporting teams, and their home seriously. Really, they’ve taken their 
faith in God seriously. They haven’t made these people targets, but instead enjoying 
growing as friends and we had an awesome night in a local microbrew joint.
People always tell me that its unfair for me to think that other people can do 
evangelistically what I have done over my life. But I disagree wholeheartedly. A 
FLESHY incarnational life is not only doable for anyone but it is expected by the God 
we say we love. “If anyone claims to be in Him, they must walk as Jesus walked.” My 
paraphrase is that they “get to live like Jesus lived.”
Incarnational life isn’t drudgery but it does cost something. You have to actually 
meet neighbors and listen to them. You’ve got to open your home often. You can’t 
ever judge people. You have to give up a little family time and give up a lot of your 

Most of all, you just have to care. Jake and Elizabeth are examples of sinners being 
friends of sinners and their lives show the power of God. I was honored to simply be 
the guy who told the story of Jesus. 

Thanks Jake and Elizabeth for living FLESH. 

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