Hugh Halter
A Mother and Father's Dream
by Hugh Halter on August 15th, 2013

A Mother and Father's Dream.

Today Cheryl and I are driving our two girls to college. Alli will be a sophomore and McKenna will be a freshman.  We are now done!  Call us empty nesters, free birds, or whatever you want, or just call us proud.

When these girls were born, I remember my greatest desire was to know what they would look like, what their personalities would become, and I dreamed of the day I would watch them leave our home. This day.  Ask Cheryl, until they were a year old, I didn’t have much interest in them. They just made annoying noises, pooped, ate, and made more annoying noises. I’d stare at them and wonder, “will these little mutants ever become human?”  As they took human form I began to see unique traits; I started to get some vision for what they would look like, and my dreams for them started to take shape, just like their cute little bodies.

Today as we load the cars, I realize that not only have Cheryl and my dreams come true, but I think God’s dreams for them have come true. 


She’s beautiful. Actually too beautiful.  She’s wild, adventurous but cautious; parents trust their kids to her as if she is family; she rescues people; she’s the first one to fight for people who need someone to fight for them.  She’s independent but often chooses to be with us instead of just being gone.  She looks like her mother (did I say that she was too beautiful); She loves the poor and can be dropped off in the middle of a literal dump in Nicaragua and find a home there; she loves rides through pine trees with her dad. I see God in Alli because I see His love for kids, for teaching, for truth, for helping, for removing injustice.  Alli is like the Holy Spirit. She’s a force, you don’t know where she is coming from or where she is going but you see the trees move in the wind when she’s around.

She’s a gorgeous ball of personality.  From birth she’s had huge incredible eyes and now she sees people like very few do.  She’s able to read a room, sense the subtle nuances of a person’s emotions or needs. She too loves the poor, and the hurting and ministers to people like a seasoned counselor twice her age. She’s tough as dirt but soft as a pillow and as she grows I know God will ask her to carry heavy loads and bring comfort to people. She’s artistic and talented but never draws attention to herself.  She’s the youngest and yet she seems like the oldest. She’s adventurous as well, but would rather be home early. She too is a force but more like The Father (not me). She has God’s heart for people, His wisdom, and his forgiveness.  God has had her heart from a very early age, but she remains a child and will find the kingdom of God sooner than most. 
Both my girls will be incredible mothers, faithful wives, sturdy friends, and I can’t wait to see how God’s vision for them and our vision for them come to pass. 
Okay, (slobbering and snotting all over myself as I sit in a Starbucks and women are looking at me strange. I’m going to go now)


PS. Cheryl, my wife and the mother of these two incredible girls: You are the reason they not only made it but made it like this. You prayed, and you fought for them every hour of their life.  You are truly the best!

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Jimmy Small - August 15th, 2013 at 3:20 PM
Sadly, I don't think every child has a prominent place in their parent's heart -- especially their father's heart. But nothing is better for both child and parent than trading important pieces of each others heart with each other. Where your Alli goes . . . there her father's heart goes too. When McKenna engages the culture on the other side of the world . . . there is plenty of Hugh Halter's heart. And it should be that when our friends and community go across this land. . . They should have traded pieces of us along for the adventure and sorrows. Because they have traded pieces with us. Love your words here Halterdude!
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